About WIT

About WIT;Warisan IT

Warisan IT Consulting SDN BHD is a solution integration company that provides a total state-of-art ICT products, infra solutions, best breed of partners/principals, practices, professional services and delivers a full integrated systems for any of its clients

Core Competencies

System Integration services where WARISAN brings together state-of-art ICT products, Infra solutions and best breed of partners, best practices and professional services to integrate systems for customers
Managed services (Maintenance and Repair services) where WARISAN provide customers with One Stop Centre services and onsite multi-vendor field Maintenance services through its network of 16 services

Application Development

We offer our unique experience and knowledge to design, develop, implement and maintain large and complex system’s needs.

Service Provider

Forges strategic alliances with technology leading partners on a broad range of cost effective solutions and services, with the aim to offer our customers the complete package by bringing and leveraging best approaches to maximize customers’ operational efficiency and bring them to new level of competitiveness.

System Integration

An immense scope of flexibility to develop, integrate and package, total information and communication technology solutions and services
through time-tested, industry leading technological approaches to customer’s business needs.


Outsourcing services serve to enable customer to focus on their core competencies and business objective while addressing the issues of daunting task of managing and supporting increasingly complex IT infrastructures be it hardware or software systems.