Ohana Enterprise Solution


Technology solutions for the service industry today are fragmented and individually geared towards meeting specific operational requirements. Whilst it answers the day-to-day needs, the efficiency of multiple solutions functioning as an integrated solutions and retention of existing business clientele is always subjective.
It would require tremendous effort to put all fragmented solutions to work as one leave alone supporting an “integrated” solution through interfacing.

Reporting is made easier with a tight integration with minimal number of solution vendors and benefits in consolidating data from all operational areas through computerization to produce meaningful data for decision making and marketing strategies.

We are committed to provide hospitality innovation to enhance the value of our clients’ business with high industry acumen skills and delivery. A wide range of consulting services provides total business processes, optimization and integrated benefits. There is no comparison with differentiation we have created and continuously enhanced.


Description of Software Module


Car Park Management System
Solutions provided include barrier gate system, auto-payment kiosk, point-of-sales, parking lot rental, monthly invoice generation and collection.


Point-of-Sales for Service Industries
Service industries require a unique point-of-sales system whereby client record history is part of the daily operation process. Special function providing easy creation of complex product and service combination and easy navigation for users in daily business process.


Point-of-Sales Retail
An expandable solution able to handle huge dataset (usually in the range of 20 to 30 thousand item list) and ready for integration into business intelligence reporting, customer relationship management, loyalty programs, supply chain management and financial back-end.

4 Digital Kiosk and Display System
Provides interactive or passive solution to today's real-time information dissemination requirement. Media is controlled and managed from a central control panel accessible from anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity.
5 E-commerce Management System
Online sales processes for retail products, services and promotional items. Fully integrated to customer relationship management system and stock control to provide real-time client feedback and speedy ordering processes.
6 Loyalty Program Solution
A business development assistance module that is essential for client detainment and acquisition. Reaching wide across different business platform and entity.
7 Membership Management System
Solution geared towards resorts, golf clubs and other premium member based facilities. Easily adaptable for integration with ticketing system, door access system and financial back-end.